New Me.

Photos by  Warren Craig

Photos by Warren Craig

January! Wow! Fresh year, New Goals.

Without a doubt; the perfect scenario for promising to take better care of yourself! We do this every year, am I right. We buy a gym membership, we try that diet that Sally’s sister's cousin lost 45 pounds in 5 days with. We are excited, focused...and hungry....ha! In all seriousness, why do we try and become a different person overnight? We expect to wake up on January 1st and apply all these changes (at once) and expect results- in a minimal amount of time. It’s quite overwhelming. A lot of self-applied pressure. There are so many factors that contribute to our health. The #1 favorite being fat loss, aesthetics seem to be the main reason we try and get healthy...we wanna look good! Of course losing fat, gaining lean muscle and dropping pounds can improve many internal functions, joint movement, ailments and so much more!!!

What about sleep? How many hours are you sleeping at night?

Are you getting quality sleep? How are your stress levels? Do you have a stressful job? How do you manage it? Do you stay hydrated? How much WATER do you drink a day? Do you smoke? What is your weekly alcohol intake? What are your eating habits? Do you go the entire day without eating? Are you including fruits and vegetables on the daily? Do you have a support system? Are you surrounding yourself with negativity? Or positivity? Does your circle of friends consist of people with like-minds and similar goals?


So yes...many, many factors that contribute to your health, or lack of health.

Take an hour, today. Sit somewhere quietly and alone. Grab a pen and paper. Actually, write out your health goals for 2018. Now, how are you going to do all this overnight? YOU’RE NOT. You’re then going to prioritize them. Then- you start implementing the habit/change, once you feel you have mastered that change and it’s second nature, you then add in the second change/habit and so forth. A new you will involve changes to your everyday routine- don’t try and rush that. Habits are hard to break.

You really really really have to cleanse your surroundings to help you work towards your goals.

Get rid of whatever or whomever is holding you back. Take control over your life. Do not associate taking the initiative to a healthier mind and body with selfishness, not a negative type of selfishness, a type of selfishness that in turn makes you an even better individual, because you feel better, you have more energy, and you have positivity all around you. All by choice. All in the way you LIVE. Effortlessly.